• The soft bumpers were redesigned structurally in the 1975 model but external appearance of the car overall remained similar to the previous year. The front bumper was given an inner core of honeycomb plastic to better absorb impact. The exterior of the front bumper was changed slightly and simulated "pads" were added. The rear bumper was redesigned internally to use shock absorber type struts to cushion impact. The exterior of the 1975 rear bumper was one-piece, replacing the two-piece 1974 design. "Pads" were also added to the rear and the 1975 bumper was redesigned with more side tuck to slim the appearance.
     1975 is the first year for the L82 hood emblems

    The 1975 Corvette tachometer is electronically driven, a change mandated by the HEI system's new type of distributor.
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