The search for documentation to underscore originality of highly optioned, highly valued Corvettes models has led to extensive study and publication of findings for 1963-72 models, much of which has been published in The Corvette Restorer or is available through the NCRS Authentication Library. 
And while 21st century technologies provide opportunity among those who wish to counterfeit documents, 21st century technologies can equally be applied to detect fraudulent documents. Corvette has attracted much attention and study targeting the early years of C3 production.
 Due to this fascination, too often the balance of C3 production is assumed to have been like the 1968-72 period with little written to distinguish the unique contributions of later production.
Tank stickers first appeared on the 1967 Corvette model and have become a serious search and find rescue mission among 1967-82 Corvette owners. Owners learned later that tank stickers are actually the Corvette Order Copy. It wasn't until 1973 when the St Louis Corvette assembly plant glued the manifest or build sheet to the tank in place of the Corvette order copy.
 In recent years as late C3s exchange ownership, original documents are discovered that yield insights into Corvette production and assembly.
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